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It is quite interesting that a lot of people have made their money through trucking business. This is one of the business strategies that are normally overlooked. But you need to give it a second thought, how do the goods you use on a daily basis get to you? Doesn’t it take somebody to transport them from one place to another? You can’t go wrong with transportation. It is one business sector that continues to grow in leaps and bounds and has been noted to be thriving. If you have never thought that you can make money through transportation, you need to think again.

Available reports and status show that those who have made it in this industry started small and were not only service driven but gave all they had. They are now able to enjoy the benefits in full. If you have had your goods transported or another then you might have had the chance to read Status Transportation reviews. History always repeats itself and having been in the market only a short time, they have made an incredible mark in the market. You will be amazed at the impact they have made in the transportation industry.

It is also worth noting that not all can become business owners in trucking business but you too can join as an operator owner. What does this entails you might be asking? Do you enjoy driving and ready to spend long hours on the road hauling freight from one state to another or across the border? This is basically what owner operator means. The company allows you to bring your own truck and transport their goods. Freight companies are always looking for drivers to transport their goods at any given time as their demand for freights grow.

Do you own a truck that can transport freight from one place to another? You will be surprised that you can make money using your truck. If you have been thinking of how you can put your truck to use, simply check the available Status Transportation reviews and see what others who made that step are saying. Status is always looking for owner operators and if you are interested simply gets in touch with them. This is a company that has offered numerous employment opportunities to many people all across the US and Canada as owner operators who are now smiling all the way to the bank.

Being an owner operator allows you to only work when you are ready and take time when you have issues to attend to. Remember one thing, as you come to be an owner operator, you handle your schedule and nobody forces you on when to work and when to take a break. The whole program is run by you.

If you have been looking for an opportunity to join trucking business you are on the right track. At Status there is one thing you will enjoy as an owner operator. Status has one of the best ever rates in the market and allows you to use their facilities for a reduced fee. As a freighting company it is imperative that all our trucking drivers have their vehicles maintained and in case there is a problem, our team will only be a call away.

If you want to be part of our growing team, you can. A lot of patience is needed, and if you work hard and steady, you will be able to meet all your financial obligations. Never under estimate owner operator business, it is real and it still remains one great kind of business that is growing and has great benefits to enjoy.

All About Owner Operator Pay


Without any shadow of doubt, your finances have great impact in every part of your daily life, not to mention, this actually serves as a very valuable component in your possible failure or success as an owner operator. In order to considerably aid that you are reasonably and practically prepared to make the leap into fully-developed truck ownership, take into consideration that it is pivotal that you first dig into your financial house so to assure that all things are in proper order.

At Status Transportation, as an owner operator, you can rely on the company when it comes to getting top market rates and obtaining consistent miles. The firm’s immediate communication as well as weekly settlements shall certainly keep mutual relations pleasant and clear-cut.

Learning more about owner operator pay:

As always, it is imperative to point out who you wish to lease on with. This simply conveys that if you are already a driver in a firm, an ideal place to look first is the firm you are presently driving for. Take note that this comes with a few benefits. For a fact, it is typically a lot uncomplicated to get on mainly because the company already knows you. You are acquainted with their customers, the freight they move as well as their methods of executing transactions. While this is a perfect place to begin with, it is fundamental to check in thoroughly lots of other firms.

Indeed, it is worth mentioning that a firm that might be excellent for firm drivers might be much less so for owner operators. To put it simply, the deals differ broadly from firm to firm and for sure you prefer at least reasonable and outstanding deal which is an ideal fit for your specifications.

For you to learn more about owner operator pay, it is a must to ponder on the following factors:

  • Does the carrier file or settle fuel taxes?
  • Is there advance money that is required for insurance or collateral?
  • Does the carrier offer permits and base plates?
  • How about fuel surcharges? How are these computed and how much are they?
  • What are their accessorial rates when it comes to unloading, loading, stop offs and the like?
  • Is pay per mile or percentage?
  • Do they pay scales or tolls?
  • Are bobtail, deadhead and loaded miles paid? What about their rate?
  • Do they provide trailers? Are there charges for their trailers?
  • What about the truck requirements?
  • What additional perks do they provide you?